Almost Ready to Plant

This July, we hosted a group of visitors from the United States to visit the site, check out the nursery and survey the planned plantation site. The group spent a couple of days visiting the community, meeting people, learning about their history and getting to know the Bugkalot Coffee Company (BCC) team as well.

Having the team from the US visit the site was the perfect way to cap off the last few months’ work, as we have been partnering closely with BCCPC (the Bugkalot Casecnan Coffee Producers Cooperative), our partner in managing the plantation, as we prepare for planting season.

As rainy season begins, we have started clearing the land. We will then start laying out the individual plots and planting the 330,000 coffee trees. We aim to complete planting in 2-3 months.

The pictures below show the team learning about the community & Bugkalot culture, the latest images from the nursery and the newly built tribal style house the team built near the plantation.

The Bugkalot put on a presentation with their traditional gear to show the group some old hunting rituals from their tribal history
The Bugkalot put on a presentation with their traditional gear to demonstrate some old hunting rituals
The group learning about how the Bugkalot hunted and what weapons they used
The group learning about how the Bugkalot hunted and what weapons they used
A few little hiking areas in Nueva Vizcaya
Surveying nearby rock formations and rivers
The group checking out BCC's 200 hectres of land to clear and plant in the upcoming months
The team viewing the planned 200 hectare plantation site
Checking out the nursery
Inside the nursery
We have more than 400,000 seedlings in the nursery waiting to be planted
We also have additional seedlings to prepare for next year’s expansion and ensure we have more than enough seedlings for this year’s planting season
The plants are growing big and healthy!
The plants continue to do well. They look lush and healthy, and have grown to about 18-24″ in height
The newly built team house for Global Empowerment, with floors made of bamboo and rattan
The team’s newly built house, with traditional bamboo & rattan floors, to create the ‘tribal’ feel
View from the house porch
Early morning view from the BCC house



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Bugkalot Coffee Company operates a coffee plantation in partnership with the Bugkalot tribal community in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. Single origin, arabica roasted whole bean coffee available for order.

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