Our Coffee

From Seeds…

Bugkalot Coffee has our own nursery for seedling production. Every year, we set aside seeds specifically for the nursery. They are sown in seed beds, then transplanted to individual seedling bags until they’re ready for planting.

…To Cherries…

Our plantation is now almost 40 hectares with about 40,000 coffee trees. In the last few years, we have added between 5,000-10,000 new coffee trees to the plantation. They flower and fruit once a year, with harvest season from October to February. During the off season, we focus on pruning, fertilization, pest control, and other maintenance activities.

…To Green Beans…

We hand pick only ripe cherries, which are then centrally processed, ensuring consistent quality. Our beans undergo a semi-washed process:

  1. Cherries are pulped, then floated to remove rejects
  2. Pulped cherries are fermented
  3. Fermented beans are washed then dried on elevated drying beds to avoid foreign objects or debris getting mixed into the coffee
  4. Dried beans are manually sorted to remove rejects and to separate peaberries
  5. Beans are stored as parchment
  6. Right before roasting, parchment coffee are manually hulled
  7. Green beans are sorted again to remove broken beans or rejects

In the 2020 Philippine Coffee Quality Competition, Bugkalot Coffee was officially certified as Specialty Grade green coffee, following SCA grading standards.

…And Roasted Coffee

Bugkalot Coffee has a medium roast, delivering a medium-heavy body, with a dark chocolate sweetness and light fruit finish. Click here to order your bag of roasted Bugkalot Coffee.