Single Origin. 100% Arabica.

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Bugkalot Coffee Company (BCC) is a socially responsible enterprise that exists to create sustainable economy and livelihood in partnership with the Bugkalot tribe, former headhunters living in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Our goal is to alleviate poverty in the community and empower them by working with and walking alongside them, partnering to set up sustainable, long-term business. 

Our Purpose

BCC was established in 2013 through the initiative of Global Empowerment (GE), a small mission organization based in the United States. Our purpose is to develop, operate and manage plantations of coffee and other agricultural products, as well as other related downstream processing and value-added activities in the Bugkalot Ancestral Domain. Value-added activity is an activity that increases the value of the product at a given stage in the production cycle.

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Bugkalot Coffee currently offers 250g bags of 100% Specialty Grade Arabica whole beans for P450 (plus delivery).

Click below to order freshly roasted Bugkalot Coffee, or find us on Facebook/Instagram (@bugkalotcoffee) and send us a message with your request.

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